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6 tips for Eurosonic 2016

In order of appearance:

1. Aosoon (A Lot of Something Out of Nothing) (UK)
Boy-girl duo that sounds like The XX having a Bed-in with Lianne La Havas.

WO 13 JAN, VERA 19:30 – 20:00
DO 14 JAN, COFFEE COMPANY 15:00 – 16:00
DO 14 JAN GRONINGER FORUM 21:45 – 22:25

2. HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys) (AUT)
An IDM Boy-girl duo creating clear-cut techno with the spirit of dream pop.

WO 13 JAN VERA – 23:30 – 00:00
DO 14 JAN GRAND THEATRE, MAIN 23:00 – 23:45

Stromae meets Brandt Brauer Frick.

DO 14 JAN, SIMPLON, MAIN 22:15 – 23:00

4. Mura Masa (UK)
Eerily talented 19-year old producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Guernsey and (joint) 5th on the shortlist of BBC Music Sound Of 2016.

DO 14 JAN SIMPLON, MAIN 23:45 – 00:30

5. Fai Baba (SUI)
Sounds like Deerhunter suffering from altitude sickness. And he enjoys looking creepy, just like Bradford Cox.


She’s the republicans’ alternative to Lorde.

VR 15 JAN, STADSSCHOUWBURG 00:15 – 01:00

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Django Django – Born Under Saturn


I'm afraid that Django Django's self-titled debut (2012) might be one of those albums that were hailed in the year of their release, but viewed in a larger time frame will be forgotten/ignored. The band's follow-up album will undergo no such fate … [Continue reading]

Field Music – Music For Drifters

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Sleater-Kinney – No Cities To Love


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Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit


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